Tests in Norwegian

Please note: This is a temporary article and is not fully updated. More information and updates coming soon. In the meantime: See introduksjonsloven, integreringsloven, utlendingsloven and statsborgerloven at lovdata.no.

Test in Norwegian

The concluding Norwegian test measures the language proficiency levels in writing and speaking in accordance with the levels in the Common European Framework. It describes the language proficiency at six levels: A1 (beginner) A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (native speaker).

More detailed information about the levels can be found here.

The concluding Norwegian test (and the Social studies test) are mandatory for the individuals who got their first settlement permit as of 01.09.2013 and are entitled to the right and duty in pursuance of the Introduction Act (Introduksjonsloven).


Permanent Residence Permit

All applicants for permanent residency who have the right and duty, or duty, to tuition in accordance with the Introduction Act are required to have completed 550 hours  (right and duty) or 250 hours (duty) of Norwegian and 50 hours Social studies tuition.

With effect from 2017, applicants with a right and duty to free tuition who were granted their first residence permit as of 1st September 2013 are also required to have:

  • passed the Norwegian oral test at a minimum of level A1
  • passed the Social studies test.

 Please note:  here we only write about requirements for Norwegian and Social studies - there are many other requirements as well.


To be eligible for Norwegian citizenship, applicants must meet certain criteria.

With effect from 2017, the main rule states that the Norwegian citizenship applicants between the ages of 18-67 must document the following:

  • completed mandatory Norwegian language and social studies lessons
  • have passed an oral Norwegian test at a minimum of level A2
  • have passed the Citizenship test or the Social studies test in Norwegian.

Please note: here we only write about requirements for Norwegian and social studies - there are many other requirements as well.


It is possible to apply for exemption from the obligation to complete the Norwegian language tuition and/or the Social Studies course and/or tests. This applies both when applying for Norwegian permanent residency and for citizenship. An earlier granted exemption is still valid.

You can find detailed information about the Exemption/exception rules at Kompetanse Norge.


Test Registration

Persons with the right or right and duty to attend Norwegian language and social studies tuitions, are entitled to one free language test in Norwegian.

Students enrolled with Oslo VO who are entitled to free language test can get their test registration done through their school.

Private candidates in Oslo, «privatister», paying for the Norwegian test, kindly register and pay here.


Norwegian Test 2 and 3 (Norskprøve 2 & 3)

Until 2014, the Norwegian Language tests were called as Norskprøve 2 and Norskprøve 3.

Norskprøve 2 is at Level A2 and Norskprøve 3 is at Level B1.

Passed test results from these 'old' tests are still valid and therefore can be used as an equivalent to the concluding test in Norwegian when applying for permanent residency and citizenship.