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Social studies test

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Social studies Test

The Norwegian social studies test is conducted in many languages as well as in Norwegian. 

Permanent Residence

With effect from 2017, applicants who have the right and duty to tuition in Norwegian Language and social studies, holding residence permits dated as of 1st September 2013, must (also) provide documentation verifying their Norwegian society knowledge.

Applicants may use the documentation verifying their passed test in Norwegian social studies in any of the optional languages provided, including in Norwegian.


From 2017, all applicants for Norwegian citizenship between the ages of 18-67 are also required to provide proof of social knowledge skills. The passed Social studies test in Norwegian and the Citizenship test are approved documentation. 

Enrollment & payment in Oslo VO

Persons with the right, or right and duty, to attend Norwegian language and social studies tuitions are entitled to one free Social studies test.

Those enrolled with Oslo VO as current 50 hours society course participants can register for the test during the course.

Others can register at Kurstorget.


Read more about the social studies test and related rules at Kompetanse Norge.