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Overview, Oslo Voksenopplæring

Oslo Adult Education (Oslo Voksenopplæring)

All municipal adult education in Oslo is organized in Oslo Voksenopplæring (Oslo VO).

Oslo VO has one admission office for all types of adult education. The admission office is at Oslo VO Servicesenter, at Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr.

The Service Centre also provides information- and counselling/career guidance services.

Overview, types of adult education and the Adult education centres in Oslo VO:



Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants

Oslo VO Skullerud
Oslo VO Helsfyr
Oslo VO Rosenhof

The Norwegian society course (50 or 75 hours)


Adm: Oslo VO Servicesenter
Courses at Oslo VO Servicesenter
and at various schools during school holidays 

Primary and Lower Secondary school,
lower levels

Oslo VO Skullerud
Oslo VO Helsfyr
Oslo VO Rosenhof

Lower Secondary school, higher levels,
aiming at final exams (Grunnskoleeksamen)

Oslo VO Helsfyr

Upper Secondary school


Oslo VO Sinsen
Limited provisions also at Oslo VO Rosenhof and Oslo VO Helsfyr

Special Education

Oslo VO Skullerud
Oslo VO Nydalen