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Oslo VO Servicesenter

Oslo VO Servicesenter: 

  • Application to all provisions in the Oslo Adult Education
  • Counselling/Career Guidance & Information Centre

Visiting address: Karoline Kristiansens vei 8, Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr
Postal address:

     Oslo Kommune, Utdanningsetaten
     Oslo Voksenopplæring Servicesenter 
     Postboks 6127 Etterstad
     0602 Oslo 

23 47 00 00
Please refer to the subject of your inquiry and to “Oslo VO Servicesenter” in the subject line of your mail if this information is not shown automatically.

Head of office: Einar Landmark
Phone:  415 38 710,

Applications/admission to
Norwegian language courses, Primary and Lower Secondary school and Special education
Head of department: Bjarklind Einarsdottir
Phone:  452 40 907,

Application/admission to
Upper Secondary Education & Counselling/Career guidance
Head of department: Jon Halvorsen
Phone: 23 47 00 00 (switchboard),

50 hours of Norwegian society/Norwegian Society test, Citizenship test
Head of department: Birgit Stokke
phone: 22 19 70 90,