Opening hours


Monday: 12–18
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: 10–15
Friday: 10–12


Monday: 9–15
Tuesday: 10–15
Wednesday: 9–15
Thursday:  9–15
Friday: 9–12

Application for Norwegian Language courses and for Primary/Lower Secondary school

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for applicants with an appointment. Fill in this  form to fix an appointment. (Use Chrome!) The Oslo VO Service Centre will confirm the appointment in a sms. Registration/admission interview is normally at the Oslo VO Service Centre.

Monday: 12–18 (Drop in)
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: 10–15 (Only for applicants with an appointment)
Friday: Information, but no application

Counselling and application for Upper Secondary school

Monday: 12–18
Tuesday–Thursday: 10–15
Friday: Phone 9–12