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Where is Oslo VO Servicesenter?

The Centre is located at Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr. Visiting address is Karoline Kristiansens vei 8.

Opening hours (see front page for changes):

Monday: 12.00 - 18.00 (drop-in)

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdayfor applicants with an appointment. Most interviews and counselling are by phone/net.

Please note the information at the front page of our website about booking of an appointment for registration/admission interview at the Oslo VO Service Centre, and for infection control routines.

I take the subway to Helsfyr. How do I find the Service Centre?

Take the exit marked "Fyrstikktorget". After exiting the subway station, turn left. Cross the street and enter Fyrstikktorget. Oslo VO Servicesenter is behind the restaurant called "Karoline".

Do you have parking available?

No, but there are parking lots (against a fee) close to Fyrstikktorget. 

Can I contact you by e-mail?

You can contact us at the following address:
Please refer to the subject of your inquiry and to “Oslo VO Servicesenter” in the subject line of your mail if this information is not shown automatically. Enclose your name and phone number, along with a short description of your case. If you are, or have been a student at Oslo Voksenopplæring, please state your reference/student number.

Do you offer translation services?

No. If you can not communicate in Norwegian or English, we recommend that you bring someone to translate for you.