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Vocational studies

Vocational education at Upper secondary level consists of "program subjects" (programfag) and "common subjects" (fellesfag).
The common subjects are Norwegian, English, mathematics, science and social studies.
Program subjects: By choosing a program area within the vocational education programs, you can gain different forms of vocational competence. Having professional competence means that you are educated in a particular profession.

Most of the vocational studies have a period of two years theoretical vocational studies and two years apprenticeship (læretid). Some examples: carpenter, electrician, plumber, nursing assistant, children- and youth worker.

Three-year vocational educations, like pharmacy technician, medical secretary or dental assistant, do not have apprenticeship periods.

At, you can find descriptions of the vocational programmes in English.
Not all programmes are provided in Oslo VO.

Please note that there are new educational programs, program areas and curricula in Upper secondary education from the school year 2020–2021.