Upper Secondary for adults

Upper Secondary Education in Norway

Upper secondary school builds upon Primary and  Lower secondary school (grunnskole).
Upper secondary education in Norway leads to either vocational or general/academic qualifications.
The vocational education (yrkesfag) qualifies candidates for an occupation (fagbrev/svennebrev).
The academic education (pre-university) leads to Higher Education Entrance Qualification (generell studiekompetanse).

Right/admission to Upper Secondary Education for adults in Norway

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have completed a primary education of at least nine years in Norway or its equivalent from other countries
  • Have not completed secondary education with either a vocational qualification certificate or Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway. This means that persons with a completed Upper Secondary School from other countries may have a right to Upper Secondary School, if their education is not recognized/approved in Norway. 

Applicants must have a valid residence in Norway.

Applicants without a right to Upper secondary may also may also apply, and may get an offer if it is a vacancy on the chosen program.
All participants in Upper Secondary have a right to complete their general pre-university studies or the theoretical part of the vocational programs. Please note that vocational students must provide their apprenticeship (læreplass) themselves in accordance with the official requirements. 
Public secondary education is free.

Upper Secondary Education in Oslo Adult Education (Oslo VO)

School: Upper Secondary Education in Oslo VO is mainly at Oslo VO Sinsen. See their web site https://sinsen.oslovo.no/ for general information, and for an overview on educational programs and subjects: Oslo VO Sinsens kurskatalog.
Address: Applicants to Oslo Adult Education must have a registered Oslo-address in Folkeregisteret, the National Population Register. Please give the Postal services (“Posten”) your correct address too.
Norwegian skills: It is recommended that you hold a minimum of B1 language skills in Norwegian when you start this education in Oslo VO.
Counselling: We also recommend that you speak to a counsellor at Oslo VO Servicesenter if you plan to apply for Upper Secondary  school.