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Placement tests

As a part of the application process, most applicants for secondary level education or for "realkompetansevurdering" (assessment of prior formal and informal learning) are asked to complete placement tests in at least one of the following subjects: English, Norwegian and/or mathematics.

The test results are a part of an assessment of your qualifications and they are used to match your qualifications with suitable courses and progression.

After your application has been registered at Oslo VO Servicesenter, you receive an e-mail if you are eligible for the placement tests. The e-mail contains a link to a website where you can sign up for a date to complete the placement tests.

If you do not receive an e-mail, your application will be processed without tests.

If you are asked to complete one or several tests, your application will not be processed before you do so.

The tests are held at Oslo VO Servicesenter at Fyrstikktoget, Helsfyr.

Dictionaries are permitted as aids for the Norwegian and English tests, but it is not permitted to use a calculator for the mathematics test.

Oslo VO Servicesenter will act upon cheating or attempts to cheat. If discovered, the application will be dismissed until the next application deadline.

Admission interviews and tests/exams at the Service Centre are conducted in accordance with the rules for infection control. Please wear a face mask.