How to apply for vocational studies at Upper secondary level

You apply electronically. Paper forms are no longer in use.
Please note that you need a BankID or MinID to apply.
The online application for Upper secondary has a joint application form for

  • general pre-university studies
  • vocational studies
  • assessment of prior formal and informal learning (Realkompetansevurdering, RKV).

You will get several choices when you open this link to apply.

In the online application, you also upload the attachments you need for the application. Which attachments / documentation required are different for different applicants and different applications. When you apply, you will be notified by the "system" which documents you must attach / upload.

Some examples: residence permit, language skills, school papers, work certificates.

If you don't have all the relevant documents ready when you fill in the application, save and log out. Then you can log in again and continue after you have prepared all required attachments.

Please make sure everything is uploaded before you send the application.

Oslo VO recommends that you talk with one of our counsellors before you apply.  Fix an appointment at Karriere Oslo here
(Location: Normally at Oslo VO Service Centre. For the time beeing by phone, due to infection control rules.)

Application deadlines
There are two deadlines:

  • 1 February (main) - for autumn term School offers sent by 1 July
  • 1 October (minor) - for spring term. School offers sent by 15 December

Applications are accepted all year. However, priority is given after application date. If you have not heard anything from Oslo VO within the above dates ( 1 July, 15 December), please contact Oslo VO Servicesenter.