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Special Education

Adults are entitled to attend Special Education at Primary and Lower Secondary school level (grunnskolenivå) if they cannot benefit from ordinary grunnskole for adults or have a particular need for training to develop or maintain basic skills.

Persons who need training due to illness or injuries are also entitled to special education.
Special Education is part time, free of charge, and can take place during daytime or evening.

Please note that if  a person cannot apply themselves, a power of attorney / guardianship certificate  (vergemålsattest/fullmakt) is required if others apply for the person.

Who can apply?
Adults with:

  • Hearing problems
  • Visual problems
  • Acquired damage
  • Learning difficulties
  • Congenital injury or disease
  • Aphasia
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Functional disability
  • Mental health problems
  • Inadequate benefit from prior Primary and Lower Secondary school

Special Education provisions may consist of:

  • Mapping /assessment
  • Counselling
  • Tuition

A programme will be designed according to the applicant's needs, in coordination with the applicant.

Application in Oslo
Fill in the application form ("Søknad spesialundervisning", only available in Norwegian) in the box on this page. You can also get the  application form  at Oslo VO Service Centre (opening hours: see front page), Oslo VO Skullerud and Oslo VO Nydalen.

Application and application deadline:
For new applicants: 1 March.
Send the application to Oslo VO Service Centre.
For current students: 15 February.
Current students send their application to the center where they are students.
You can also apply after these deadlines.

The application form is also for speech therapy (logopedi).
Please remember to include documentation from the applicant's doctor or treatment centre. Please see the application form.

Expert assessment
The Educational and Psychological Counseling Service (Pedagogisk/psykologisk tjeneste, PPT) will decide whether the applicant is entitled to Special Education. If the applicant is entitled, an expert assessment will be made, and the applicant will be offered training according to his/her needs.

Further information
Oslo VO Nydalen, phone 23 39 39 00,
Oslo VO Skullerud, phone 23 46 49 00,