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Primary and Lower Secondary school (Grunnskole)

Certificate of Lower Secondary School for Adults, Grunnskolevitnemål for voksne, or its equivalent, is required for admission to Upper Secondary School for adults, videregående for voksne.

Provisions in Oslo Adult Education (Oslo VO)
If you have a right to this tuirion, grunnskole is free of charge. 
There is no application deadline. The courses in the lower levels start several times a year. Courses at levels 8-10, aiming at final exams,  start only in August and January. All subjects are available daytime, some also in the afternoon. 

Grunnskole, lower levels (1-7)
A combination of subjects in Primary school, levels 1-7, and work to improve basic skills in reading, writing and speaking Norwegian, in Mathematics and in basic use of computers.

Grunnskole, upper levels (8-10)
Aiming at final exams, grunnskolevitnemål for voksne, at level 10, in the five following subjects:
Social sciences
Natural sciences

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