Application to Primary and Lower Secondary School for adults ("Grunnskole for voksne")

Application to Grunnskole is at/via Oslo VO Servicesenter.

Now you can have a registration/admission interview to apply for a Norwegian course or Primary school for adults on internet.

First: book an appointment by filling in this  form.  (Use Chrome!) Because of the corona virus, the actual interview is taking place on the Internet (WhatsApp). After you have booked the appointment, you will receive a confirmation via SMS, and a consultant from the Service Centre will call you. Then a consultant from the Service Centre will call you when you have the appointment.

 This is a temporary arrangement as long as the Centre is closed due to the risk of corona infection. From August 3, we will gradually re-open the office and arrange admission interviews there. This will be conducted in accordance with the rules for infection control.


Ordinary routines
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for applicants with an appointment. 

Drop-in: Applicants without an appointment can only come to apply for Norwegian courses /Primary school on Mondays (12-18). Without an appointment, you have to expect some waiting time.

The admission interview is at Oslo Voksenopplæring Servicesenter at Helsfyr. 
Please come in person and bring documentation of valid residence and a photo ID.

Our visiting address is Karoline Kristiansens vei 8, Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr.
Regular opening hours: Monday: 12–18 (drop in), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10–15 (with an appointment.
Please come in person, and bring

  • your passport/registration card, or alternative documents which prove that your stay in Norway is legal 
  • an ID with photo
  • DUF- or personal number
  • If you have: documentation of test in Norwegian


Applicants to Oslo VO must have registered their Oslo address in The Population Register (Folkeregisteret).

When you apply for grunnskole at the Servicesenter, you will have an admission interview where you fill in the application form. You also sit for a placement test in Norwegian language. This will suggest a suitable start level. Please note that the admission process may take an hour or more. 

You will reveive a letter confirming your application. Later, you will receive a letter from your school with information about time shedules and when to start. 

Read about the right to grunnskole  here.