Norwegian Society courses

The 50 hours society course is for immigrants under the Introduction Act and the Integration Act.
The course is held in several languages. 
The course consists of seven subjects, in accordance with the National curriculum for Norwegian language and society for adult immigrants:

1. New immigrant in Norway

2. History, geography and way of life

3. Children and family

4. Health

5. Education and learning

6. Working life

7. Democracy and welfare society

The course is free of charge for those who have a valid right to free Norwegian language and society courses.


Provisions and prices in Oslo VO

Courses: in Oslo VO, the courses are held in school holidays (summer, autumn and winter), with 25 lessons per week. In addition to this, Oslo VO offers evening courses in some languages throughout the year.

Please note that the prices for courses and tests may change at short notice. 
Courses: For those who only have a duty, not a right to free tuition, the prices  for 50 lessons  are:

Daytime: NOK 3800,-
Evening: NOK 4250,-

Tests: The Norwegian Society test fee is the same as the Norwegian language test fee, NOK 990.

Registration: An overview of the different courses, and registration for courses and tests are found at

Please note that applicants must register in person at Oslo VO Servicesenter prior to registration for a specific course at "Kurstorget".

If you have questions about the 50 hour society course in Oslo, you can call us at 22 19 70 90, or send an e-mail to