Paid Norwegian courses

Oslo Adult Education (Oslo Voksenopplæring) also provides courses in Norwegian Language and in Norwegian Society for paying participants. Residents of other municipalities than Oslo are also welcome to buy courses in Oslo Adult Education.
There are courses both daytime and evening, at different levels and at different locations in Oslo. Daytime courses are held three to five days/week.  Evening courses are normally held twice a week.
The courses are based on the National curriculum for Norwegian language and Society for adults, Læreplan i norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne innvandrere (2012).

You buy a certain amount of lessons by signing a contract with the school. How much you pay for a period of for instance five weeks depends on the number of lessons per week, the track and whether you have daytime or evening classes.
You can find an overview of our prices and course periods in the "box" on this page. More information at Oslo VO Servicesenter.

How to register
Book an appointment for registration/admission interview at the Oslo VO Service Centre!

 Fill in this  form to fix an appointment. (Use Chrome!) The Oslo VO Service Centre will confirm the appointment in a sms. 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for applicants with an appointment. 
From March 2020 most application interviews have been on internet/phone due to infection control rules. From 3 August, we gradually re-open the office.

Drop-in: Applicants without an appointment can only come to apply for Norwegian courses /Primary school on Mondays (12-18). Without an appointment, you have to expect some waiting time. Please note that you may have to wait outside due to infection control rules.

The admission interview is normally at Oslo Voksenopplæring Servicesenter 
Please come in person and bring documentation of valid residence and a photo ID.

Our visiting address is Karoline Kristiansens vei 8, Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr.
Regular opening hours: Monday: 12–18 (drop in), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10–15 (with an appointment)
Our opening hours are subject to change, and changes will be announced on our front page.

Permanent residency/citizenship
In case you have a right and duty, or a duty, by the Introduction Act to undergo 300/600 hours of tuition before receiving a permanent residency or a citizenship, the courses at Oslo Voksenopplæring are approved for this. (Please note: additional requirements for some groups for permanent residency and for most applicants for a citizenship from 2017)