How to register/apply for Norwegian Language Courses

First: book an appointment by filling in this form. (Use Chrome!) Application is at or via Oslo VO Servicesenter. Most interviews take place on the Internet (WhatsApp). After you have booked the appointment, you will receive a confirmation via SMS, and a consultant from the Service Centre will call you. Then a consultant from the Service Centre will call you when you have the appointment.

If you only need information, but do not want to apply, you can contact us on telephone 23 47 00 00.

Opening hours
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
are reserved for applicants with a pre-booked appointment.  Please note that most admission interviews are on phone/net.

 (without appointment) at the Service Center: usually on Mondays 12-18. Drop-in may close at short notice due to the risk of infection. Please see front page.
Without an appointment, you have to expect some waiting time. Please remember to wear a face mask indoors.

The Service Centre needs the following documentation: 

  • your passport/registration card, or alternative documents which prove that your stay in Norway is legal 
  • an ID with photo
  • DUF- or personal number
  • If you have: documentation of test in Norwegian

Applicants to Oslo VO must have registered their Oslo address in The Population Register (Folkeregisteret).

Admission interview.
When you apply for Norwegian courses or for grunnskole, you will first have an admission interview on phone/WhatsApp or at the Service Centre.  You also sit for a placement test in Norwegian language. You get an appointment for this. The test will suggest a suitable start level. 

You will receive a letter confirming your application. Later, you will receive a letter from your school with information about time schedules and when to start. 

Application deadline
There are no application deadlines. New courses start 5-6 times a year. You should apply well in advance before you want to start on a course.

Have you taken a Norwegian language course at one of our schools earlier? If it is less than a year since you left the course, you can contact your school directly to sign up for a course.