How to register/apply for Norwegian Language Courses

Please bring a piece of ID with a photo and documentation of your residence permit (in your passport, residence card or a letter from the police/the immigration authorities).

When you register, you will speak to an admission counsellor who also will assess your level in Norwegian. Most applicants will also be asked to take a placement test on a computer. The process may take up to a couple of hours.

When many applicants arrive at the Service Centre, and there may be a long time to wait, please note that some applicants will be asked to come back another day. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it is usually best to arrive early in the day.

If you wish, you can get an appointment for an interview. Fill in the form, and we will contact you to find a time for an interview.

 Are you a former student at one of our schools? You can contact your school directly to sign up for a course if it is less than a year since you left the course.