Welcome to Oslo VO Servicesenter

The Service Centre is now open for drop-in on Mondays between 1200 – 1800 hrs.

Please keep your distance from other people and use Antibac provided at the entrance.
We recommend wearing a face mask.

Click here for more information on Covid restrictions in Oslo.

If you want to apply for Norwegian language courses or Primary school classes, you can book an appointment here.  This will give you a greater choice of dates, and you won't  have to queue for an appointment.

For career guidance and information about Upper Secondary courses for adults, book an appointment here.

You can also reach us by phone 23470000 or send an email to postmottak@ude.oslo.kommune.no with "Oslo VO Servicesenter" in the subject field.


Now you can have a registration/admission interview to apply for a Norwegian course or Primary school for adults on internet. You book an appointment by filling in this  form  (Use Chrome!)
If you only need information, but do not want to apply, you can contact us on telephone 23 47 00 00.
Most interviews for applicants are taking place on the Internet (WhatsApp). After you have booked the appointment, you will receive a confirmation via SMS, and a consultant from the Service Centre will call you. Then a consultant from the Service Centre will call you when you have the appointment.

We encourage you to book an appointment in advance, even if the Service Centre  now is  open for drop-in Mondays from 12.00-18.00.  This may close at short notice. 
Please wear a face mask when you visit the Centre!
Read more: Norwegian courses: Norwegian Language courses, How to register, Paid courses, Rules and regulations. 
Primary and Lower Secondary


Fix an appointment at Karriere Oslo here for counselling on phone. Subjects for the counselling: general counselling about education and work, or information about «realkompetansevurdering» and «Fagbrev på jobb». Drop-in counselling (20 minutes) at the Service Centre is normally open  Mondays from 12.00-18.00. This may close at short notice! 
Please wear a face mask when you visit the Centre!

Application: Have you decided which type of Upper Secondary you wish to apply for? Here you find the joint online application form for general pre-university studies and vocational studies.
Here you find the application form for assessment of prior formal and informal learning (Realkompetansevurdering, RKV).
You need  a BankId or MinID to apply.
Application deadlines for general pre-university studies and vocational studies are 1 February (main) for autumn term, and 1 October (minor) for spring term.
Realkompetansevurdering, RKV": No application deadline. Read more HERE.


Registrations (in Norwegian) for courses and tests here.  More info in English here
Read more about Norwegian Society courses here, the social studies test here  and the citizenship test here.
Drop-in: Normally open Monday 12-18. Drop-in may close at short notice. 
Please remember to wear a face mask when you visit the Centre! 

Ordinary phone hours: Monday 09-15. Tuesday 10-15.  Wednesday & Thursday 09-15. Friday 09-12.
Tel: 22197090

Corona virus and infection control: information from the National health authorities and the Municipality of Oslo.

Here you can find information about the Corona virus, rules and recommendations for the public from National and Municipal authorities. Please note that rules and recommendations can change often. Leaflets are not always updated as often.
Most pages have info in English.

Folkehelseinstituttet , Helsedirektoratet HelseNorge, 
Oslo kommune: general info, Oslo kommune: Leaflets in English, Polish, Arab, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu.  Helsedirektoratet:  Posters etc. in many languages about preventing infection.

Opening hours &phone. (May change at short notice)

Ordinary opening hours: 

Monday: 12–18. 
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: Closed for the time beeing

Monday 9-15
Tuesday 10-15
Wednesday & Thursday: 9–15
Friday: 9–12

Application for Norwegian Language courses and Primary/Lower Secondary School
Drop-in: normally Monday 12–18. Please use a face mask when visiting the Centre. 
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: only with an appointment (see above), mainly on phone.
Phone: Monday 9–15, Tuesday 10–15, Wednesday & Thursday 9–15, Friday 9–12

Counselling/career guidance and application for Upper Secondary School
Drop-in: Normally Monday 12–18.  Please use a face mask when visiting the Centre.
Booked appointments: counselling by phone.
Phone: Monday 9–15, Tuesday 12–15, Wednesday 9–15, Thursday 9–15, Friday 9–12 

Norwegian society courses and tests & citizenship test
Ordinary phone hours:
Monday 09-15. Tuesday 10-15. Wednesday and Thursday 09-15. Friday 09-12. 
Tel: 22197090