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Application to Adult Education & counselling.

Questions? Call 23 47 00 00.
 If you want to apply for Norwegian language courses or Primary school, please book an appointment here.
For career guidance and information about Upper Secondary courses for adults, book an appointment here.
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Center:  Mondays 12-18.
You can also reach us by  email to with "Oslo VO Servicesenter" in the subject field.

For and about Ukrainians

Ukrainians who are granted collective protection have the right to free Norwegian training for one year from the start of the course, and the right to participate in the Introduction programme. Participants in the Introduction program receive a type of "salary", an “introduction allowance”. (Ukrainians do not have a duty to attend training/programme.)
You can read more about the rules for Norwegian courses in the Integration Act (integreringsloven), which was updated on 16 June 2022. See chapter 6A: Temporary rules for persons who have been granted a residence permit pursuant to Section 34 of the Immigration Act. (In Norwegian.)
You can find more about collective protection in the Immigration Act (Utlendingsloven) here.
Ukrainians who are going to live in Oslo must first contact the urban district (bydel) where they live to find out if they are entitled to an introduction program and if they want to participate in the program. The introduction program includes free Norwegian training one year at Oslo Adult Education.
Find the right urban district based on your address:

More useful information in English and Ukrainian here at Oslo Municipality.
You can find more general information about/for refugees at and

About corona and infection control
You can find information at the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) and at Health Norway (Helse Norge), in Norwegian and English.


When you want to apply: Book an appointment here.
Once you have booked an appointment, the Service Centre will contact you, and it will be decided whether you will receive an admission call on telephone / internet or whether you will come to the Service Centre.
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Centre: Mondays 12-18.
You have to expect some waiting time.
Unfortunately, there are waiting lists for Primary school and it may take some months before you get a place.

Read more: 
Norwegian courses: Norwegian Language courses, How to register, Paid courses, Rules and regulations. 
Primary and Lower Secondary


Book an appointment at Karriere Oslo here for counselling on phone. Subjects for the counselling: general counselling about education and work, or information about «realkompetansevurdering» and «Fagbrev på jobb».
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Center:  Mondays 12-18. (Max 20 minutes.) 
Application: Have you decided which type of Upper Secondary you wish to apply for? Here you find the joint online application form for general pre-university studies and vocational studies.
Here you find the application form for assessment of prior formal and informal learning (Realkompetansevurdering, RKV).
You need  a BankId or MinID to apply.
Application deadlines for general pre-university studies and vocational studies are 1 February (main) for autumn term, and 1 October (minor) for spring term.
Realkompetansevurdering, RKV": No application deadline. Read more HERE.


Registrations (in Norwegian) for Norwegian Society courses and tests here.  More info in English here
Read more about Norwegian Society courses here, the social studies test here  and the citizenship test here.
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Center: Mondays 12-18. 
Ordinary phone hours: Monday 09-14, Tuesday 10-14, Wednesday and Thursday 09 - 14, Friday 09 - 12.

Tel: 22 19 70 90

Opening hours & phone.

Ordinary opening hours:

Monday: 12–18. 
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: Closed for the time beeing:

Tel 23 47 00 00
Ordinary phone hours:
Monday 09-14
Tuesday 10-14
Wednesday & Thursday 09–14
Friday 09–12

Application for Norwegian Language courses and Primary/Lower Secondary School
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Center: Mondays 12-18.
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: only with an appointment (see above), mainly on phone.
Phone: Monday 09–14, Tuesday 10–14, Wednesday & Thursday 09–14, Friday 09–12

Counselling/career guidance and application for Upper Secondary School
Drop-in (without appointment) at the Service Center: Mondays 12-18.
Booked appointments: mostly counselling by phone.
Phone: Monday 09–14, Tuesday 12–14, Wednesday 09–14, Thursday 09–14, Friday 09–12 

Norwegian Society courses and tests & citizenship test
Ordinary phone hours: 
Monday 09-14. Tuesday 10-14. Wednesday and Thursday 09-14. Friday 09-12. 
Tel: 22 19 70 90