Application to all Adult Education in Oslo VO is at Oslo VO Service Centre.

Planning to apply for a Norwegian course or for primary school (grunnskole)? Book an appointment for registration/admission interview at the Oslo VO Service Centre!

Fill in this  form to fix an appointment. (Use Chrome!) The Oslo VO Service Centre will confirm the appointment in a sms. 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for applicants with an appointment. 
Drop-in: Applicants without an appointment can only come to apply for Norwegian courses /Primary school on Mondays (12-18). Without an appointment, you have to expect some waiting time.

Read more: Norwegian courses: Norwegian Language courses, How to register, Paid courses, Rules and regulations. Primary and Lower Secondary here.


Upper Secondary School

Application: Have you decided which type of Upper Secondary you wish to apply for? Here you find the joint online application form for general pre-university studies, vocational studies and for assessment of prior formal and informal learning (Realkompetansevurdering).

Drop-in counselling service at Oslo VO Service Centre/KarriereOslo only Mondays 12-18.
Fix an appointment at Karriere Oslo here for general counselling about education and work, or information about «realkompetansevurdering» and «Fagbrev på jobb».(Address: Oslo VO Servicesenter, Fyrstikktorget) 

Application deadlines for general pre-university studies and vocational studies are 1 February (main) for autumn term, and 1 October (minor) for spring term.

Realkompetansevurdering, RKV": Read more HERE.






Ordinary opening hours

Monday 9-15
Tuesday 10-15
Wednesday & Thursday: 9–15
Friday: 9–12

Monday: 12–18
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: 10-15
Friday: 10–12

Application for Norwegian Language courses and Primary/Lower Secondary School
Monday: 12–18 (drop-in)
Tuesday–Wednesday-Thursday: 10–15 (with appointment)
Friday: 10-12 : information, but no application. Phone: 9-12.

Counselling, and application for Upper Secondary School
Monday: 12–18 (drop-in)
Tuesday–Thursday: 10–15 (only with an appointment)
Friday: Phone 9–12